Make your Base with Masters Batch

As a constant concern of confectionery industries, finding low cost opportunities without loosing product quality and for you it will be simple to find solutions using our Master Batch product which allows to produce your own Gum Base and achieve important cost savings.

With Master Batch you will be able to produce final Gum Base in only 40 minutes and without an important investment in specialiced equipment.

What is the Master Batch? It is a premixed polymer with all the plasticycers required in a final gum base which is presented as a nucleous perfectly balanced and ready to use so you only have to add filler such as Calcium Carbonate or Talc in your current gum mixers.

Which are the advantages?

> Flexibility in formulating your own Gum Base

> Savings in freight and duty costs

> Better stock control and management

> Determine your own quality/price level > One Master Batch for different final Gum Bases

> Less processing time Ask today for a cost free Master Batch sample and convince yourself with the benefits.

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